Precision Engineering Services

AS9100 quality assured, best machinery and systems available.

Citizen & Star CNC Sliding Head machines

These machines combine near grinding tolerances with exceptional quality of finish and repeatability. The added B-Axis opens up new cost saving possibilities where the need for 2nd op angled operations can now be done in “One Hit”. With 6 machines available and continuous new replacement program in place a continuance of quality and performance is assured.

Right first time

Quality First. The recent investment in the latest CNC optical (with touch probe capability for the OGP) CMM and shaft vision systems, all networked, give you the security to know the dimensional quality will be the highest quality. This new inspection suite is uncompromising and a real showpiece demonstrating the commitment to excellence Trust make to our customers.

Accreditations and Continual Improvement

Trust Precision has maintained the prestigious AS9100, for Aerospace, quality assurance certificate since 2014. A key part of this accreditation is the philosophy of continual improvement which fits perfectly with the Trust culture. Our processes, systems and people are continually developed to make us more efficient and robust to serve our customers better.

Continual Improvement

We strive to improve daily. Key to our survival and growth is investment, not only in the latest machinery, tooling, equipment and software, but people too, training for the future and growing the skill base locally through apprenticeships. This attitude and investment will help keep us at the very forefront of modern manufacturing, providing a service with a personal touch which is often lost through larger companies.

One hit machining & production cost cutting

Here at Trust Precision Engineering Ltd we encourage our customers to think outside of the box. The capabilities of these machines allow the manufacture of components that you may have considered are complex milling applications only or require a secondary finishing operation. Comparing this to conventional milling with the labour intensive loading required you also remove the possibility of human error to complete each individual operation. Being able to simultaneously machine up to three operations you not only save money, you also improve consistency and quality whilst reducing lead-times.

Kanban & stock holding

In the current financial climate, no one wants to hold excess stock but may find it a necessity for their business. Reducing batch size and last minute ordering increases component cost and can create supply chain issues. We are happy to machine in economical batch quantities and deliver in a Kanban or scheduled order scenario, reducing your component cost and inventory without disrupting supply.

On-time delivery

We understand that delivery is key. Here at Trust we have a “under promise, over achieve” attitude. Using Progress Plus MRP software we have a clear view of current order progress. Order confirmation takes risk assessment into account giving realistic and safe delivery information. Unforeseen problems that may occur are communicated at the earliest possible opportunity.